How to Maintain Your Old Cars?

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classic-carRegardless of its make and model, any car can be kept on the road for as long as the owner wishes. Below are some useful ideas to keep your old cars running. Just like old people, they require special attention and proper care from specialists for their survival and well-being.

Maintaining old cars is simple! Remember the acronym TOWBIF and you will never have to worry.

  • T              Tires
  • O             Oil
  • W            Windows
  • B             Brakes
  • I               Interiors
  • F              Fluids


  • Most accidents are caused by worn out and neglected tires. Always check if the tires are inflated according to manufacturers’ specified pressure. Tire gauges are inexpensive and should be kept handy.
  • Know that the tires need to be replaced when the tread wear indicator starts showing between the treads. If unsure, take help from your local tire dealer.
  • Check the tires for pressure every alternate day.
  • Check for wear and tear every week.
  • Replace the tires when they have worn out beyond limits.


  • Oil to a car is what blood is for human body. Without it your car isn’t going to function at all. To maximize the efficiency and reliability of your engine, make a habit to check your car oil routinely i.e. every 3000 miles.
  • Checking brake oil, transmission oil and engine oil regularly will help safeguard against breakdown of your car.
  • Regular oil changes will help ensure that your car runs without any problems.


  • Make sure your car’s windshield, windows, mirrors, and lights are intact and not broken. Also, broken lights and mirrors should be replaced at earliest.
  • Always keep car windows and windshield clean.

Brakes, Belts, and Battery

  • Longevity of your vehicle is also dependent on youthfulness of your cars’ braking system.
  • Have your car brakes serviced immediately if you notice any problems with them. Remember that break failure can lead to a very serious crash.
  • If you hear a loud squealing sound, this indicates that your car breaks are loose. Have them serviced immediately.
  • Check your car battery once a month. Clean it and check for possible corrosion. Clean it or have it cleaned. Don’t let your battery run down. When replacing the battery, double check the proper functioning of the distributor and alternator.


Cars having clean interiors have good selling power. To keep the interior of your car clean, use a vacuum cleaner. If you ever decide to sell the car or trade it, every penny and each minute of your time spent will be paid back to you with interest.


Skipping regular fluid checks will result in putting your car in an early grave. Therefore, it is a must to have your mechanic check the power steering fluid, brake fluid, coolant, and transmission fluid once per week.


To avoid breaking the law, check car lights frequently especially before heading out at night. Make sure you check your car lights weekly. This should include headlights, reverse lights, taillights, and turn signals.

Windshield Wipers

Replace the blades once a year especially before the rainy season. The wiper assembly can also be replaced if needed.

Emission Control Systems

Periodic checkups of emission control system is a must for proper functioning of your car. Seek professional help for any possible diagnosis.

Find a Mechanic You Trust

Find a trustworthy mechanic because at the end of the day it’s between you and your mechanic. Having a good working relationship with him will help you make right decisions.

In case your car requires some repairing, contact a professional automobile repair company such as Everest in Newark DE for a long, healthy life of your car.

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