When Is The Right Time To Buy A Car?

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When Is The Right Time To Buy A CarTiming is important in every sphere of our life. A proper timing can define the course and fate of any event or project that you undertake. And, buying a car is no different. Making a decision to buy a car is indeed a big and an important one. And knowing by yourself, the best time to do so may help you to land up with a great beneficial deal on your part. Hence, in this article, we will focus on various aspects which will help you to decide and determine when the right time for you to buy a car is.

Best time and month to buy a car!

Although, all through the year may be considered as the perfect time to buy a car, it solely depends upon your need and situation. But, still automobile companies tends to offer a good deal with great rebates, discounts and facilities on the new cars around the winter season – a time usually avoided by most of us to buy a car due to obvious weather hazards, but for the Asian specially the South east Asian countries, it the reverse. They mostly prefer to buy cars in the months of the winter. For example, Volkswagen car price in Singapore are usually slashed during a certain time during the year to facilitate the business which otherwise is considered as a dry season by the automobile giant due to its slow sales in the country. Hence, it is recommended to follow the discount strategy of your favorite and selected car manufacturer round the year if you want to strike a striking deal with the buy of your new car.

Car type and model!

Yes! You heard it right! The perfect timing to buy a car (preferably new) also largely depends upon the car type and model you want to buy. Let’s make it a bit clearer. For example, if you are aiming to buy a convertible then summer is a bad choice of timing to buy it since, in summer convertibles are on high demand. Hence, winter is the best time to buy them and it is the time when the car manufacturers offer huge discounts on convertibles.

Keep Watch!

Always be vigilant and keep watch when the manufacturers roll back the old models and launch the new and improved versions, which may be the ideal time to book your favorite model you have been looking for to buy for a long time.

Showroom factor!

This is one of the important and tricky trick. Usually on weekdays, the car showrooms are quitter and their sales are likely to be low as the weekends are the busiest. Hence, buying a car on the weekdays may land you with a striking deal on your car and is likely to offer you a chance to bargain with the sales person.


Money money money! It is the keyword. Above all, when you are ready financially and you possess the adequate funds for investing on a new or a pre-owned one, is the best time for you to buy a car.

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